Teeny Pups

Fun for two years old, using tag rugby basic to teach fundamental age appropriate movement. Great independence builder &  fun for all.

Tiny Pups

Build your childs confidence and love of sport from a young age using the fundamentals of rugby. For chidlren age 3.

Junior Pups

At age 4-5 we start to develop movement and strategy related to team playing and tag rugby. Loads of fun and high energy classes.

Maxi Pups

Year 1 to Year 3 inclusive learn tag rugby, team playing and strategy all whilst building confidence and enjoyment in sport.

Who are we?

Run by parents for parents, we understand each individual child has different ways of learning, different worries and enjoyments. Our aim is to provide an all inclusive enjoyable environment that builds confidence, and supports a life long love of sport. All the coaches are (or have been) rugby players and choosing rugby as the vehicle for a love of sport comes down to the rugby ethos of respect and team spirit.


What Our Families are Saying

Rugby Pups has been superb not only for teaching Charlie the basics of rugby, but also social interaction, confidence and teamwork. On top of this, he has loads of fun every single session.

The coaches are all very friendly and knowledgeable, and amaze me every week with their ability to control a group of excited toddlers AND remember each of their names!

I would highly recommend this to anyone – whether they simply want their children to have fun running around with friends, or desperately need them to play international rugby in the future.

Alex Glister
May 2014

Emily has loved Rugby Pups since day 1!
She has grown in confidence and skill & always has great fun. We will be coming for years to come!
The whole team are amazing
Zoe Stockford
May 2014
Jessica joined Rugby Pups from the beginning (summer 2013). She really enjoyed teeny pups and looks forward to wearing her t-shirt every week!
Samantha Sismey
April 2014
My Husband and I came across Rugby Pups a few months ago. After looking at the website we thought it looked like a great idea for our Son to join. He is 3 in July and although he is active, he doesn’t attend any other clubs.
I wanted somewhere for him that would be a safe, fun, educational environment. Rugby Pup’s is just that and more!
It’s brilliant for his co-ordination skills. He has learnt so much in such a short space of time. From catching, throwing, kicking the ball whilst also learning to socialise with the other children and adults. He has also how important it is to listen and take his turn in activities.
The coaches are brilliant, they are very understanding to the needs of the children. They make it fun and are so positive all the time. It’s great to see how much our Son has improved over the time he has been there. It has given him a new lease of confidence and he is learning to make friends too.
Everyone is really friendly and I love the way the parents are encouraged to join in too.
Thank You Sarah and the rest of the Rugby Pups team!

Hannah, Dan and Jack-James Kershaw
April 2014

Ethan has absolutely loved the rugby pups sessions…Each day he goes to nursery he asks me; ‘is it a rugby pups today?’ When he’s at home he likes to have a go at playing the games that he plays during the rugby pups sessions…I have noticed a huge improvement in his co-ordination when throwing and catching a ball…Thank you so much!
Sarah Wilcox
April 2014
Our son, Oliver, started rugby pups in Summer 2013. It is a friendly, family run club and great for tiring out busy toddlers!!
Jo Bidgood
April 2014
Our son, Oliver, started rugby pups in Summer 2013. It is a friendly, family run club and great for tiring out busy toddlers!!
Jo Bidgood
April 2014
When my son first started at rugby pups he was very shy and reluctant to participate but everyone was so patient with him. Neil really encouraged him to join in and helped build his confidence. He absolutely loves Rugby pups now and looks forward to going every week.
Kaleigh Clayden
April 2014
‘We are so glad to have discovered Rugby Pups, we were looking for something other than the stereotypical dance class for our daughter and we found it.
She loves coming to each session, it has helped build her confidence, integrate with other children and it is fantastic exercise to boot, excuse the pun. I have recommended rugby pups to many people and will continue to do so.’
Tori Glover
April 2014
My 2 year old son has been attending Rugby Pups since the very first session. Having found out about it, we booked a term to see how he got on. We were so impressed with the structure and staff that we stayed and have been attending ever since.

The staff are fun and friendly, giving the kids encouragement and help when needed.

The whole “belonging to a club/team” works well with my son and he loves the games they play, which provide rugby skills and fitness too. The sessions teach kids to learn to listen and follow instructions which is a valuable tool and helps with all other activities that my son attends.

I would, without hesitation, encourage any parent to enrol their child on to a Rugby Pups course. You will have so much fun in the process too.

Julie Head
March 2014

“The only thing which needed improving was the weather! Now the spring is here I cannot think of a better way to spend Saturday morning. The kids love this and the smiles are infectious. The skills of the coaches are brilliant. This is a permanent fixture in our calendar.
Tessa Bates
March 2014
When I first signed Sarah up to Ruby Pups it was a couple of weeks after her 2nd birthday, she enjoyed running around with all of the other children and playing games. Although she didn’t quite understand what she was always meant to do it only took her a couple of months to really get into it. Now she even does the exercises at the end of the class and doesn’t really need me to run around with her so much. She has gained more independence, better listening skills and improved on her hand eye co-ordination. But mainly, she just loves going to her club, even if her class is the earliest one in the morning!!
Katherine Hornby
March 2014
My little boy Teddy has been going to rugbypups since last summer, and loves every minute he gets excited on Friday evening, and although he does not always listen he has the greatest time, gives him a chance to bond and make friends also lots of fresh air most of the time, we both think it brilliant thank you
Kevin Jackson
March 2014