About Rugby Pups

We are a family run business and we understand the importance of promoting health and fitness in youngsters. All our classes are structured specifically to the age and needs of each class, from early sports skills in toddlers, to advanced techniques for older members. We offer a range of rugby-based activities for children of all ages, as well as yoga and gymnastics classes within schools.

The ā€˜A, B & Cā€™ of Sports

Agility, balance and co-ordination are the three founding skills of sport, and we believe that all children should be given ample opportunity to develop and strengthen these skills from an early age.

The Rugby Pups Values


Skill Development

We offer unique classes for toddlers, preschool and primary school age children in a rugby orientated, fun and non-contact environment, promoting an ethos of discipline, respect and sportsmanship. Our games are specifically designed to develop skills such as agility, balance, coordination, throwing, catching, kicking, passing and evasion skills. Through the teaching of these skills children are encouraged to listen, take instruction, and to support each other as individuals and as team mates.


Making Sport Fun

At the heart of everything we do is making sure that our children have a fantastic time and begin to associate sports with feeling good ā€“ this encourages a better attitude toward keeping fit later in life.


Early Years

The toddler rugby classes focus on developing core skills applicable to all sports through rugby orientated games and fun. Our pre-school rugby and primary rugby classes progressively develop rugby specific skills and understanding of the game. All our classes are non-contact. We have boys and girls from as young as 20 months in our classes and have been told on numerous occasion that ‘Rugby Pups is the highlight of the week’. All our Coaches have been handpicked because of their fun, dynamic and practical ability to teach to the children’s level. They have a passion for Rugby and Children’s health and fitness.

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