How Children benefit From Yoga & Meditation

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How Children benefit From Yoga & Meditation

How Learning yoga and meditation techniques can benefit children into their teenage years and adulthood.

There are many benefits for children who partake in activities which complement their school curriculum – especially those with a more physical focus – these activities improve children’s focus, mental abilities and physical development throughout their most formative years. These benefits include;


Yoga focuses the mind and body and builds great amounts of discipline, which translate into better concentration and focussing abilities in later life. These skills are also useful during school activities, as greater concentration allows pupils to apply themselves to tasks and achieve greater results overall.

Better Body Image

Negative body image and messages presented in popular media can affect children as young as five years old – whilst yoga practices enable children to learn about their body in a healthy, easy-to-understand way which means that they can get to grips with how their body works and looks in their own time and hopefully gain more confidence in their body over time.

Better Overall Fitness

Yoga stretches important muscle groups and is vital for effective warming-up and cooling-down before and after exercise. As part of the Rugby Pups program, children are encouraged to develop good exercising habits through yoga techniques, which will allow them to maintain healthy muscles throughout their life.

Improved Concentration & Behaviour

By teaching children to focus on their breathing and positioning, yoga and meditative techniques can be used to help children to control their emotions, attention span and concentration levels, which may be useful for children who experience bouts of hyperactivity and find it hard to focus on tasks.

Break from Technology

Many parents worry about the amount of time their children spend using devices such as mobiles, tablets and televisions – by learning enjoyable exercises, yoga techniques and meditative practises, children will want to spend time practicing their skills and this can be used as an opportunity for parents to spend time with their kids away from the screen.

Enhancing Current Learning

Rugby Pups sessions are designed to co-ordinate with your child’s curriculum and sessions will include information and teaching opportunities for other subjects, this may include exploring the ways animals move, or depicting historical events through different poses, for example. This can help students to see other subjects from another perspective and may lead to better absorption and retention of the information.

Yoga is beneficial to children throughout their formative years on many levels and is made enjoyable through Rugby Pups sessions and activities. Why not enrol your child in a Rugby Pups session to see how their skills and development improves with rugby-based games, activities and yoga techniques?

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