Rugby in Schools

Why Rugby?

At Rugby Pups, we are passionate about Rugby and encouraging a love of physical activities as well as life skills such as respect, discipline and perseverance. Our teaching methods promote fun, inclusivity and a healthy attitude in young children, whilst our lesson plans build upon vital core skills, including teamwork, co-ordination, spatial awareness and balance – developing the mind, attitude and enjoyment of each child whilst following the national curriculum.

What Do We Do?

Our RFU trained coaches with experience working in primary schools deliver age appropriate and progressive lesson plans, with an inclusive approach.
The skills gained through rugby-based games and activities are applicable to team sports across the board; sportsmanship, attacking and defending, ball skills, respect and team work encouraged throughout.

Contact Us

For more information, or to book a Rugby Pups coach to deliver Rugby lessons at your school, contact us on 07821903628 or email

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