School FAQ’s

What can you offer schools?

We are very flexible and can fit in with your school’s needs. For an overview of what we do already please see our for schools section. If you have  any ideas you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us on 07821903628 or email us at

What age groups can you teach?

Our expertise covers the whole Primary school age from pre-school through to Year 6; ages 2 to 11 years. All of our classes are structured to bring the best out of every age groups and develop the key skills necessary at each stage.

We have to prove the beneficial use of our Sports Premium Award. How can Rugby Pups help?

We offer non-invasive termly assessments covering PE curriculum targets to assess improvement across each class. These assessments are curriculum based and can be used to evidence practical use of Sports Premium money.

What are your teaching methods?

We use a variety of game-centred coaching techniques to teach children a specific skill and how to put that skill to use in a game environment. For example, a popular game called Sharks and Fishes uses a variety of progressive movements to get children using defensive and attacking lines whilst having fun.

We encourage problem solving, by questioning and challenging the students, and test their understanding through the same method.

Our Yoga lessons are wildly popular with students and teachers and we use very similar teaching techniques. We often support the term topic through our lesson plans – for example, we might ‘travel’ to India and learn about India through yoga poses, movements and games, encouraging individual, partner and group yoga. We also encourage a meditative mindful element to each class.

We have an all-inclusive policy and often work with support workers to enable all students to get involved in the lesson.

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