Yoga in Schools

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a very powerful meditative and physically demanding activity. We find that incorporating yoga into our sessions can give the children an opportunity to express themselves through body language, develop strong focus and link the mind and body. Our classes also encourage core strength and fitness.
We carry out group, partner and individual yoga to help children to appreciate the practicality of teamwork and socialise effectively whilst having fun.

Why Rugby Pups?

We are trained by Rainbow Kids Yoga. Our yoga classes are fun, engaging and hugely beneficial both physically and mentally. We encourage a range of Individual, partner and group work, to teach children to work together, as a team and on their own, efficiently. Rugby Pups trainers are DBS checked, with years of experience teaching primary school-aged children and a solid background in sports, exercise and encouraging a love of physical wellbeing.
Rugby Pups lesson plans are designed to work with the subjects being taught to each year group – so if a year group is studying mini beasts, we will incorporate that through sequences and poses to discuss the insects, feeding patterns, habitat and other key information.

Contact Us

For more information or top book Yoga classes for your school, contact us on 07821903628 or email

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