How sport can build confidence in children

How sport can build confidence in children

Building your child’s confidence and self-belief through sporting activities, team-based games and group work.

Teaching children to be self-confident and believe in their own abilities is a powerful asset to carry through their life. With so many reports of bullying and the messages of negative body image appearing more and more frequently in the media, children need to build their self-confidence from an early age as a natural defence.

Self-confidence is also important when it comes to later life as it can help children to perform better both academically and throughout their career. One of the easiest ways the encourage your child to learn to be comfortable with their body and confident in their achievements is to enrol them in team based sports from an early age, for a natural confidence progression throughout the formative years.

Here are the top three ways Rugby Pups work to improve our pupils’ confidence;

  1. Teamwork

By working together as a team, our children learn how to interact effectively with people their own age. This can be hugely beneficial for children who are finding it hard to make friends at school, or who have trouble connecting with other children naturally. By encouraging all members of Rugby Pups to work together in both small and large groups, we ensure that children develop the skills to connect with one another gradually and form great friendships – skills which can be used in the child’s school life, too.

  1. Praising, Celebrating and Commiserating With One Another

As with any team-based sport, Rugby Pups has an element of competition. We feel that, by allowing children to experience both success and loss through fun-based activities, they will learn to deal with the ups and downs that everyone faces sooner or later in life. This enables children to feel better about the challenges they will face through school and allows the students to explore the appropriate ways to celebrate and commiserate as a group.

  1. Forming Healthy Habits

At Rugby Pups, we hope that all students will enjoy their time training and playing games with us enough to continue to practise exercises and games outside of the sessions. We also hope that this passion will continue into the child’s later life and will help them to develop healthy exercising habits and a love of sport which can be used to focus negative energy on a positive activity and will increase the child’s confidence in the long run.

At Rugby Pups, we are passionate about keeping children healthy, educated and passionate about sports. Why not enquire about enrolling your child, to ensure an increase in self-confidence and ability to support their future?

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